Great! Now that Jekyll is installed, let’s generate your website.

To do so, we’ll use Jekyll’s new command and specify a directory name. The directory will contain all of your site’s default content that can be customized later.

For example, to generate a website in a directory called my-portfolio-site, we can type:

jekyll new my-portfolio-site

The command will create a directory called my-portfolio-site and fill it with Jekyll’s site content.

Note: We’ll use the directory name my-portfolio-site in examples throughout the course. Don’t worry about the details of the directory structure just yet, we’ll give an overview in the upcoming exercises.



In the terminal, use Jekyll’s new command to generate your static website with a directory named personal-website.


Use the ls command to verify that the directory was successfully generated.

Note: The first character of the ls command is a lowercase L, not the number 1.

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