Want to see what your site currently looks like? You can use Jekyll to view your site locally.

On the web, a server hosts your site’s files and makes your website available for everyone to see.

However, viewing a website locally means that you’re viewing the site on your own computer (hence the term “locally” or “local”). The site is not, however, available on the public Internet. Instead, your computer is acting as the server that hosts your site.

You can view your site locally by using Jekyll’s serve command, like so:

jekyll serve

This command starts a local server that will server the files to your computer. The serve command will also come in handy when you want to preview changes you make to your site.

By default, the address for the local server that Jekyll’s serve command starts is http://localhost:4000/.



To view your site locally, you must first navigate to your site’s directory, using the cd command.

Navigate to your site’s directory using the cd command.


Next, use the serve command to start a local server.

Then, navigate to http://localhost:4000 in the browser to view your site.

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