It’s time to deploy your site!

Once again, we’ll use Git to help deploy your site. This time, we’ll use Git’s push command and push the contents of your site up to your repo using the following command:

git push -u origin master



In the terminal, push the contents of your site to your repo. You can use the example above to help you.

Wait until the terminal stops outputting information. Once the terminal has stopped, continue to the next exercise.

Note: You will be prompted to enter your GitHub credentials before you can push (i.e. username and password).

As you input your password, you’ll notice that no text will be visible as you type — this is how all terminals work (as an added security measure). Be aware that although your password is not visible, the terminal is still accepting your input. Simply hit “Enter” on your keyboard after you are done typing your invisible password. If you typed it incorrectly, simply try again.

Finally, if you have two-factor authentication enabled for your GitHub account, this exercise will not pass for you. In that case, check out this resource.

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