Deploy Your Website to GitHub Pages


Fantastic! You now have your site published on the public Internet. You can now navigate to your newly published website in your preferred browser.

The URL for your GitHub Pages site is: your-user-name.github.io, where your-user-name is your actual GitHub username.

Let's review what you accomplished in this unit:

  1. Created a GitHub account
  2. Created the required GitHub repo
  3. Used Git to add, commit, and push your website to the repo
  4. Succesfully used GitHub Pages to deploy your site to the Internet!

Note that your site's URL matches your repo's name — a GitHub Pages requirement. But what if you want to change the URL to a custom URL?

In the next unit, you'll learn how to keep your site hosted on GitHub, but change the URL to something besides the GitHub Pages default.


Take a look at the diagram to the right. In this unit, you successfully accomplished the second step: deploying your site to the Internet using GitHub Pages.

Currently, the URL to your site is the GitHub Pages default URL. In the next unit, we'll move to the third step: assigning a custom URL to your site!

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