Getting Started with Programming
Using console.log

You may have noticed that the interpreter doesn't print out every single thing it does. So if we want to know what it's thinking, we sometimes have to ask it to speak to us.

console.log() will take whatever is inside the parentheses and log it to the console below your code—that's why it's called console.log()!

This is commonly called printing out.


Please print the following two console.log statements at the same time. Type one on line 1 and the other on line 2. Then press Save & Submit Code.

console.log(2 * 5)

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  1. Make sure to include quotes for strings, and no quotes for numbers.
  2. Check your parentheses carefully.
  3. Make sure you are running two console.log statements at the same time.

On line 1, type out the first statement. Then on line 2, type out the second statement. Then press "Save & Submit Code"!