Personality Insights is a service that is part of the Watson Developer Cloud. The Watson Developer Cloud has a single software development kit (SDK) that allows users to access all of the available services.

To use the SDK, you’ll need an IBM Bluemix username and password. After creating a Bluemix account, you’ll be able to use Personality Insights in the Celebrity Match application (and beyond Codecademy):

  1. Login to Bluemix (or create an account) (Note: Bluemix credentials are required to successfully complete the application we’re building)
  2. Create an instance of the Personality Insights service
  3. Click on “Service Credentials” in the navigation area to the left to access the username and password for Personality Insights service.

For details on how to add a service instance to your account, follow the steps in the IBM Bluemix documentation.


Click the link above, register with IBM Bluemix, and obtain the necessary credentials you will need to complete the rest of the course.

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