We’ll use Personality Insights (PI) to analyze the data (tweets) that the Celebrity Match application retrieves from Twitter.

PI is just one of many services available in the Watson Developer Cloud and is part of the Bluemix Services Catalog.

PI uses linguistic analytics to infer personality and social characteristics from unstructured text (like the Twitter data we retrieve). This service infers personality characteristics by using three models:

  • Big Five - the most generally used model which describes 5 dimensions of the personality (Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Emotional Range, and Openness).
  • Needs - describes what product attributes will resonate well with the person.
  • Values - describes the factors that will motivate a user’s decision making.

You can learn more about the models and their dimensions here.

To get inspired and see use cases with Personality Insights and other Watson APIs, check out IBM’s Learning Lab


Feel free to explore and learn more about PI in the browser to the right.

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