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Now that we can assign elements to the hash table, we have to be able to retrieve the values we are storing. Retrieving an element should look something like:

// Assignment someHashTable["Name"] = "John" // Retrieval print(someHashTable["Name"]) // Prints: John

To retrieve a value from a hash table, we’ll create a private method value(for:) to return a value from the array. It will first calculate the index of the key-value pair you desire using the index(for:) function and return the value at the calculated index.

Next, let’s call and return value(for:) inside of subscript(key:)‘s getter function. This will return the value at the desired index when retrieving it similar to the example above.



Create a private method, value(for:) that takes in a key String parameter with an argument label of for.


Inside your new method, create a new constant elementIndex equal to the index(for:) function called on the key parameter.


Return the value located at the calculated index.


Inside the subscript method getter, return the function call to value(for:) with the accessed key.

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