In this lesson, you will take a guided tour of Figma. Beware that this is not the type of tour where you will simply sit back and enjoy the ride! At each stop along our route, you’ll put your new Figma knowledge into action. You’ll leave this tour with a souvenir that you design yourself: a two-page prototype for a fictional Codecademy mobile app.

With our destination in mind, let’s start from the beginning. Figma is a browser-based design software that is used for graphic design, UX, UI, and much more. We can compare it to programs like Adobe XD, Sketch, and InVision. While Figma is used for a wide variety of projects, a few UX and UI artifacts that we can design in Figma include: wireframes, prototypes, personas, user journey flows, and sitemaps.

It’s also helpful to know that Figma supports collaboration. Because Figma is browser-based, team members can seamlessly collaborate on the same file in real-time. These collaboration capabilities can be useful in the production process, as many stakeholders may be involved.

Before this tour leaves the station, note that Figma has a multitude of tools and complex functions, so it can feel overwhelming at the start. We will build a foundation together, and you can deepen your skills through continued practice. Take it step by step, and have some fun along the way!


Task: Sign up for a free Figma account.

As a Codecademy learner, you are eligible for Figma’s education plan, a free plan that includes premium features. Follow these steps to set up your Figma account and upgrade to the education plan.

  1. Open Figma’s website and sign up for a free account. When signing up, you will be asked “How will you primarily use Figma?”. Select “For teaching or taking a class.”

  2. Once you have a Figma account, you can upgrade to the Education plan. Open the Figma Education Sign Up page, and select the “Get Verified” button.

  3. Follow the steps to get verified for an education plan. When choosing an institution, select Codecademy from the dropdown menu.

    Screenshot of the dropdown menu where you can select Codecademy as an institution to register for Figma’s education plan.

    When signing up for an Education Plan as a student, Figma will ask for a graduation date. To err on the safe side, we recommend putting a date around a year from today. There’s also an option to renew your Education plan later on if you find that you need it after completing this course!

  4. Once you have been verified for the Education plan, log in to your Figma account.

  5. Create a new team by selecting “Create new team”, which is on the left sidebar of the dashboard. Follow the steps to create a team. You can skip the “Add team members” step. When choosing a plan, select the Education plan.

Note: We will not be using any premium features in this lesson, so signing up for the educational account is not mandatory, but highly recommended!

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