This is the foundational layer. The blockchain is what makes web3 decentralized. Ultimately, our smart contracts will live on whatever blockchain we choose to build on.

It’s important to consider the use case of our dapp and the different tradeoffs each chain offers:

  • Security: If it’s important for our smart contracts to live on an extremely secure blockchain, we might choose to use Stacks, since it has final settlement on Bitcoin.
  • Speed: If speed is our top priority, and we’re willing to sacrifice some decentralization, we might choose to use Solana.
  • Large Community: If you need the most robust and abundant dev tooling with the largest community behind it, we might choose to use Ethereum.

Ultimately, each chain has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the choice will be dependent on a multitude of factors depending on our use case.


Think about this question: What chain would you like to use?

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