In this lesson, we’ll look at the specific tools we might use to build a Decentralized App (Dapp). We’ll start off by going over the web3 stack in general and then walk through some specific tooling for the Ethereum, Stacks, and Solana blockchains.

From web2 to web3

In our sample web2 app, we have the following components:

  • Front End
  • API
  • Authentication
  • Database
  • File Storage
  • Hosting
  • Payments

Each of these has their own web2 tools, but we need to change things a bit when looking at web3 dapps. Let’s look at each component of the decentralized, web3 version of our app and compare.

A lot of these ideas are borrowed from Nader Dabit’s excellent breakdown of the web3 stack. We’ll take a ground-up approach to this, first starting with the blockchain itself and moving all the way through the stack, covering each essential piece along the way.


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