Automating processes leads to many benefits when compared to traditional manual processes. Automated systems are:

  • Faster — automated processes can perform operations much faster than people.
  • Less error-prone — automation is able to perform a task more consistently than a person.
  • Cheaper — workers don’t have to be paid to do these repetitive workflows.

Automation can be incorporated into every part of the deployment pipeline. For example, automated tools can be set up to monitor repositories, detect new merges, and trigger the new version of the application to be built and tested.

Some other ways to use automation in the deployment pipeline include:

  • Configuring servers
  • Moving the application through testing and staging servers
  • Executing tests
  • Deploying to production
  • Monitoring the application

Over the next few exercises, we will see which parts of the CI/CD pipeline are responsible for automating each of these processes. First, we’ll look at Continuous Testing.


Continue on to the next exercise when you’re ready to learn about Continuous Testing!

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