Gabriel’s new feature has finally been deployed to production! Users around the world are accessing the new feature via servers, networks, and other infrastructure. Their user experience is as good as ever thanks to extensive testing and version control.

In this lesson, we learned about deployment — the process of making a piece of software available to its users. Deployment is a long journey that starts with a developer moving their code into a version control system, through a staging environment, and ends with them deploying their code to a production environment. Along the way, unit, integration, end-to-end, and acceptance tests are conducted.

This deployment process ensures that new code is shipped quickly, reliably, and with high quality. Members of the Development team and Operations team own various pieces of this process. In the next lesson on DevOps culture, you will learn how the boundaries between these two teams begin to blur in order to create a more open, and efficient, team dynamic.

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