Tired of the lack of communication and collaboration, Ariadne approaches her engineering manager and the Operations manager with a proposal to share responsibilities.

Teams that foster DevOps culture seek to be highly communicative, sharing knowledge and experience across team members. By integrating Development and Operations teams, we can resolve many of the issues that arise due to conflicting goals. As a result, we have:

  • Faster development and deployment cycles due to fewer handoffs & shared knowledge
  • Environment consistency from Development to Staging to Production
  • Improvement of operations activities by applying dev best-practices like version control

A typical engineering team within a DevOps culture may include various engineers, quality assurance (QA) testers, security operations, and information technology (IT) specialists. Rather than siloing information, these team members can share responsibilities, align on team objectives, and make decisions together.

Through this collaboration, teams can produce better software in less time and more reliably than ever before.


Combining Development and Operations team members onto one team provides a number of benefits — but what challenges might teams face when making this transition?


Each team will face their own challenges when trying to combine Development and Operations. Here are just a few examples:

  • When teams are used to having complete ownership over responsibilities, they may resist sharing them.
  • Adopting DevOps practices may take time to get used to. Later in this course, we’ll learn about some of the practices that teams make use of.
  • Establishing agreed-upon processes can be challenging when team members have different experiences. Rather than having these differences drag a team down, teams with a positive DevOps culture should utilize these differences to make more informed decisions.

Tearing down boundaries between Development and Operations is just one way that teams within a DevOps culture like to throw away the old in favor of the new. In the next exercise, we’ll take a look at the three guiding principles of a DevOps culture that focus on learning, growth, and experimentation.

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