DevOps culture centers around collaboration between team members across all domains of software development. Teams practicing DevOps can likely include developers, IT specialists, QA testers, and security experts. Rather than siloing information, teams can share knowledge and make informed decisions together, also known as “building quality in”.

In order to foster a DevOps culture, teams can make use of key DevOps practices:

  • Systems-level thinking — thinking of the whole system to identify bottlenecks
  • Continuous experimentation and learning — embracing failure through practices such as blameless retrospectives
  • Feedback loops — using metrics and shifting left to drive process improvement

By fostering DevOps culture and following DevOps practices, teams can build and release software with greater speed, quality, and reliability than ever before. Throughout the rest of this course, you will learn about some of the specific tools that teams use to implement this culture and its practices.

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