Lenny runs an online business selling refurbished furniture. He’s nervous about his website crashing during peak traffic periods. What tools can Lenny use to keep informed about his website’s status?

There are several monitoring tools that can aid in understanding Lenny’s infrastructure. Teams practicing DevOps use monitoring tools to:

  • Oversee resources such as application services, databases, and other processes
  • View system health
  • Capture real-time health statuses and performance metrics.

In many situations, monitoring is achieved using a combination of tools. Big picture trends, like performance, can be monitored by a tool like Prometheus. Meanwhile, a finer piece of detail, such as the time taken for a database query, may be monitored using Monyog. When Lenny uses these kinds of combinations he can identify both the problem and its cause.

There are several popular monitoring tools available to measure a variety of metrics. Let’s take a brief look at monitoring tools on the market:

Zabbix offers many features such as a centralized, easy-to-use web interface. Zabbix can directly monitor Java applications and offers built-in graphing and visualization capabilities.

Prometheus collects metrics values from target systems. This monitoring tool uses PromQL, a query language, that lets users select data in real time.

Sensu is a highly extensible and scalable system that monitors cloud infrastructures. Using Sensu, the monitoring requirements can be implemented as code.

Monyog is used by database teams to detect issues affecting MySQL database performance.

Monitoring tools offer a clearer picture of how applications and infrastructure are working. Teams can use these tools to assess system health and track down problems.


Fletcher wants to better understand his system’s performance using a monitoring tool. There are too many to choose from on the market! What features should Fletcher keep in mind when shopping for a monitoring tool?

See the answer!
Monitoring tools come in many varieties. Key features include tools that provide insights on:
  • Application performance
  • Application health
  • Database
  • Infrastructure

  • When a monitoring tool notices something is wrong with a system, the engineer is notified. Let’s discuss how monitoring informs us of problems, alerting.

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