Game levels are the space or environment in which the player performs actions to achieve a goal. Environment assets are all details that appear in the level that help to advance the storyline and further immerse the player in the game. These assets involve both the foreground and background components of the scene.

Foreground objects may be objects that move or interact with the player, while background objects are intended mainly to enhance the look and feel of the environment.

An environment asset is first sketched out by researching and collecting references for all objects and components featured in the scene.

Environment design can differ significantly from a mobile device compared to a console. The smaller screen size on mobile devices requires different sizes and even fewer components in the environment scene. Limited hardware capabilities on a mobile device compared to a console may also affect the level of detail given to specific assets.


Jetpack Joyride 2 is a fast-paced side-scrolling action game. This screenshot contains multiple foreground assets, including the big boss mechatronic on the right and the scared lab workers running on the floor.

The background assets do a great job creating depth by layering different pieces of the stage, from the floor and ceiling to the multiple rock formations further in the background.

Creating an entire scene involves multiple assets that work together seamlessly.

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