Congratulations! You have completed the Game Development: Assets lesson! In this lesson, you have learned:

  • The importance of creating game assets
  • The history and progression of game assets
  • The process for creating and modeling assets
  • The visual asset creation process for characters and environments
  • The musical asset creation process for sound effects and soundtrack compositions
  • How these assets are used in games and influence the player’s gameplay or emotional response

Now that we know how assets are utilized, let’s manipulate the following games to modify the assets within the game. Continuing further, we can learn about the specific job roles that are responsible for designing and creating these assets!


It used to be that well-designed gameplay was supported by graphics and sound that were not the game’s focus.

Now, game assets achieve a lot and are a significant part of the experience of the game. This screenshot of Elden Ring shows that a single image of a game can express a lot about the game and immerse us in its world. It is not a surprise that the credits of Elden Ring consist of 5 composers and over 100 artists.

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