Even though game engines allow the development of all genres of games, sometimes they are not flexible enough to capture our entire artistic visions. For this, we must highlight the best tools meant for creating assets.


Blender is a free, open-source 3D creation software. It can do anything in the 3D pipeline, including modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, and rendering. We can use it to create visual effects, 3D models, 3D and VR applications, and even animated films. It also features a Python API for custom scripts, allowing itself to be integrated into other tools.

Character Creator

If we do not model our characters, we can use Character Creator by Reallusion. With Character Creator, we can easily customize and add highly-realistic character assets to our games. It allows us to tweak attributes like age, weight, skin, hair, teeth, etc. The market is filled with community-made assets like outfits, animations, morphs, light presets, and more. From there, we can easily integrate characters into our game engine.

Pro Tools

Regarding sound design and editing, nothing else comes close to Pro Tools. Pro Tools can make any audio asset if we want to create sound effects, ambient sounds, Foley, Background music, or dialogue.


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