One of the best feelings in the world is having others try out the game we devoted so much time, money, and effort to. In today’s digital world, there is no longer a need to burn games onto physical CDs, package the case, and distribute it to thousands of stores worldwide. Digital games are selling more than ever, and game marketplaces have never been more accepting of indie games. It’s the perfect time to get our games out there!



Itch.io is an indie game marketplace. The best thing about itch.io is that it doesn’t have an application fee, content review, or waiting periods to publish games, nor is there a DRM requirement or exclusivity clause.


Steam is the most popular video game storefront on PC. It provides users with features such as the ability to upload game saves, automatic game updates, user-created content support, social networking, and more. However, publishing on a popular platform like Steam and integrating its features into our games don’t come without additional policies.

There are several other digital video game storefronts available for PC games, such as Epic Games Store, Humble, and GOG.


Since indie games like Minecraft rose in popularity, console manufacturers like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo can no longer ignore indie developers. Each of these companies now has an indie developer program:


If we want to share a game made for Android or iOS, we can turn to Google Play or Apple’s App Store respectively.


Web games have the advantage of working on any modern device with a browser, given that we optimize the game for various screen sizes and input types. Distributing on the web gives us the powerful ability of a hyperlink. We can use links to distribute our games on social media and generate hype. If we have profits in mind, we can consider monetizing with ads or using a marketplace like Itch.io.

Whatever platform you choose, reviewing each marketplace’s policies and fees before submitting a game is essential.


Click through the slideshow to review each platform’s different choices for game distribution and publishing.

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