Congrats on making it this far on your game development journey! So far, we have learned about game design, gameplay mechanics, and the assets used in video games. In this lesson, we will learn about something all those areas of game development have in common – the tools.

Without tools, modeling characters and coding mechanics would be such a tedious task. Simple projects would take months or even years to prototype, and only a handful of people would have the expertise to do so.

Like a mechanic needs a screwdriver or a painter needs an easel, there are tools for every role in game development. Sound designers have audio production software to create and edit audio assets. Programmers have different languages and compilers to write logic. Animators have modeling software to bring 2D or 3D characters to life. Game development has software that provides every tool needed to make a game.

While the video game industry boom in the past few decades led to the many tools available today, the tools are partly responsible for the boom. Tools make every aspect of video game development more productive while reducing production time and costs. These tools give life to the scale of games never before imagined, and give indie developers the power to create worlds, tell immersive stories, and connect players around the globe.


Take a look at the screenshot in the workspace from Red Dead Redemption 2. What tools do you think the developers used to create this masterpiece of a game?

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