Good job on making it to the end of this lesson! You should now be aware of the plethora of tools and resources available to turn your gaming vision into reality. We’ve discussed the importance of choosing the correct programming language and the right tool for the task or game. Embrace the freedom of choice and do research before committing.

Remember, one game engine or platform isn’t necessarily better than another. The popularity of a game engine also means very little. The most important thing in video game development is the passion for building video games – creating breathtaking worlds, inventing unique characters and immersive stories, coming up with the next big gameplay mechanic, and finally sharing it with the rest of the world.


In the first exercise, we looked at a screenshot of Red Dead Redemption 2 where the main character was on their horse looking over a detailed landscape. This screenshot is from the same game but contains a very different complex world. An intricately designed town with multiple stores to explore, bustling with computer-generated characters, each with their own story.

The potential experiences this game affords each player are a product of the many teams of people and the tools they use to create such vast opportunities.

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