Every game begins with an idea! And this idea can come from anything. It can come from a personal experience you had and you think, “Hey! This could be a fun game to play”. It can come from an already existing game that you add your own fun little twist to.

In this lesson, we will explore how to bring your game idea to life, including the following topics:

  • Game types
  • User experience
  • Objective design
  • Game parameters
  • Game aesthetics
  • Game platform
  • Game controls

By the end of this lesson, you should be well equipped to turn your idea into a game design.


The chess grandmaster Robert “Bobby” Fischer felt that players were over-preparing for games of chess by memorizing a series of moves from the starting position. The classic chess board setup is shown in this initial slide.

To prevent this, Bobby Fischer proposed a variant, Chess 960, where the pieces were randomized, forcing a player to think on their feet. Move to the next slide to see a randomized board setup of Chess 960.

This is an example of a new game derived from a classic one.

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