ES6 introduced some new shortcuts for assigning properties to variables known as destructuring.

In the previous exercise, we created a factory function that helped us create objects. We had to assign each property a key and value even though the key name was the same as the parameter name we assigned to it. To remind ourselves, here’s a truncated version of the factory function:

const monsterFactory = (name, age) => { return { name: name, age: age } };

Imagine if we had to include more properties, that process would quickly become tedious! But we can use a destructuring technique, called property value shorthand, to save ourselves some keystrokes. The example below works exactly like the example above:

const monsterFactory = (name, age) => { return { name, age } };

Notice that we don’t have to repeat ourselves for property assignments!



Use the property value shorthand and refactor the factory function in main.js

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