Another array method, .pop(), removes the last item of an array.

const newItemTracker = ['item 0', 'item 1', 'item 2']; const removed = newItemTracker.pop(); console.log(newItemTracker); // Output: [ 'item 0', 'item 1' ] console.log(removed); // Output: item 2
  • In the example above, calling .pop() on the newItemTracker array removed item 2 from the end.
  • .pop() does not take any arguments, it simply removes the last element of newItemTracker.
  • .pop() returns the value of the last element. In the example, we store the returned value in a variable removed to be used for later.
  • .pop() is a method that mutates the initial array.

When you need to mutate an array by removing the last element, use .pop().



Use the .pop() method to remove the last element from chores.


In a line after you called chores.pop(), log chores to the console to make sure it worked.

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