The first iteration method that we’re going to learn is .forEach(). Aptly named, .forEach() will execute the same code for each element of an array.
Diagram outlining the parts of an array iterator including the array identifier, the section that is the iterator, and the callback function

The code above will log a nicely formatted list of the groceries to the console. Let’s explore the syntax of invoking .forEach().

  • groceries.forEach() calls the forEach method on the groceries array.
  • .forEach() takes an argument of callback function. Remember, a callback function is a function passed as an argument into another function.
  • .forEach() loops through the array and executes the callback function for each element. During each execution, the current element is passed as an argument to the callback function.
  • The return value for .forEach() will always be undefined.

Another way to pass a callback for .forEach() is to use arrow function syntax.

groceries.forEach(groceryItem => console.log(groceryItem));

We can also define a function beforehand to be used as the callback function.

function printGrocery(element){ console.log(element); } groceries.forEach(printGrocery);

The above example uses a function declaration but you can also use a function expression or arrow function as well.

All three code snippets do the same thing. In each array iteration method, we can use any of the three examples to supply a callback function as an argument to the iterator. It’s good to be aware of the different ways to pass in callback functions as arguments in iterators because developers have different stylistic preferences. Nonetheless, due to the strong adoption of ES6, we will be using arrow function syntax in the later exercises.



Iterate over the fruits array to log I want to eat a plus the name of each fruit to the console. For example, I want to eat a mango.

You may use any form of callback you prefer.

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