What if we want the for loop to log 3, 2, 1, and then 0? With simple modifications to the expressions, we can make our loop run backward!

To run a backward for loop, we must:

  • Set the iterator variable to the highest desired value in the initialization expression.
  • Set the stopping condition for when the iterator variable is less than the desired amount.
  • The iterator should decrease in intervals after each iteration.

We’ll practice by changing the for we wrote previously to now go in reverse. When writing/changing loops, there is a chance that our stopping condition isn’t met and we get a dreaded infinite loop which essentially stops our programming from running anything else! To exit out of an infinite loop in an exercise, refresh the page - then fix the code for your loop.



Make a for loop that loops backwards printing 3 to 0 to the console. Use the >= comparison operator in your stopping condition and the -- operator in your iteration statement.

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