ES6 introduced a second common approach to export modules. In addition to export default, named exports allow us to export data through the use of variables.

Let’s see how this works. In menu.js we would be sure to give each piece of data a distinct variable name:

let specialty = ''; function isVegetarian() { }; function isLowSodium() { }; export { specialty, isVegetarian };
  1. Notice that, when we use named exports, we are not setting the properties on an object. Each export is stored in its own variable.
  2. specialty is a string object, while isVegetarian and isLowSodium are objects in the form of functions. Recall that in JavaScript, every function is in fact a function object.
  3. export { specialty, isVegetarian }; exports objects by their variable names. Notice the keyword export is the prefix.
  4. specialty and isVegetarian are exported, while isLowSodium is not exported, since it is not specified in the export syntax.



Remove the statement that sets Airplane to an empty object, and remove the entire export default line.

You will see an error in the console, but we’ll fix this in the next step.


Modify the availableAirplanes array such that it is a variable defined with let and no longer a property on the Airplane object.


Let’s add some more data to the availableAirplanes array.

In the first object, AeroJet, add a property availableStaff, and set it equal to an array with the elements 'pilots', 'flightAttendants', 'engineers', 'medicalAssistance', and 'sensorOperators'.

In the second object, SkyJet, add a property availableStaff, and set it equal to an array with the elements 'pilots' and 'flightAttendants'.


Define a new variable with let named flightRequirements, and set it equal to an empty object.


Within the flightRequirements object, add a property requiredStaff, and set this equal to 4.


Define a function with the name meetsStaffRequirements() that takes availableStaff and requiredStaff as parameters.


In the body of the meetsStaffRequirements() function, write logic to check if the length of the availableStaff array is greater than or equal to requiredStaff.

The function should contain this logic:

if length of availableStaff is greater than or equal to requiredStaff return true else return false

Using the export keyword, export the variables availableAirplanes, flightRequirements and meetsStaffRequirements.

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