Good job on making it through another bash scripting lesson! We have discussed how powerful bash scripts can be. Anything we can run on a Linux terminal can be run inside a script and vice versa.

Here are some main points from this lesson on bash scripting:

  • Bash scripts can execute any terminal command and script. The ability to link multiple commands and reuse scripts make them a powerful tool.
  • Bash scripts can automate repetitive tasks and are often used in the installation of applications and running of online services.
  • Useful scripts are plentiful on the internet. We can simply download a script and execute them with the options built-in. We can also run scripts inside of other scripts.

We have only skimmed the surface of possible applications of Bash scripts. Besides making tasks fly by, other applications for scripts include system administration, data crunching, and web application deployment.

We encourage you to practice these new scripting skills!


Feel free to try out and edit any of the scripts we used in this lesson.

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