Ubuntu is a popular Linux distribution due to its ease of installation and user-friendliness. This Debian-based operating system is comprised of lots of free and open-source software. This lesson will focus on the desktop version of Linux Ubuntu. Specifically, we’ll discuss:

  • Some open-source applications in Linux and their commercial equivalents
  • Pre-Installed applications on the Ubuntu desktop
  • Terminal-based applications

The Linux Ubuntu operating system has many similarities to popular commercial-based operating systems like Windows or MacOS. Linux Ubuntu is comprised of a multi-user desktop environment complete with user login, wallpapers, clickable icons, and menus to access applications. Just like in other desktops, we can customize a unique look and feel and manage system inputs and outputs.

We can change screensavers, change our Bluetooth connections, and more! Follow along as we explore this desktop environment, in particular its applications.

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