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Open-source software is used extensively throughout the Linux operating system. A majority of the applications, utilities, and core components in Linux Ubuntu are open-source.

These open-source applications closely resemble their closed-source/proprietary counterparts often found in Windows or macOS. In fact, Ubuntu comes pre-installed with several useful applications such as:

  • a document editor
  • an email client
  • a music player
  • a web browser.

For example, a standard install of Ubuntu will contain an office suite application called LibreOffice. This contains a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation component that will be very familiar to users of Microsoft Word, Excel, or Powerpoint.

Many other open-source alternatives are available to install on Ubuntu. A few of these are:

GIMP photo editor
VLC music/video player/editor
Rhythmbox music/podcast player
Thunderbird email client
Nextcloud/Owncloud sync client
Scribus desktop publishing
Inkscape graphics editor

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