Let’s take a closer look at this instruction from our previous program:

System.out.println("Hello World");

Print statements output information to the screen (also referred to as the output terminal). Let’s break this line of code down a little more. Don’t worry if some of the terms here are new to you. We’ll dive into what all of these are in much more detail later on!

  • System is a built-in Java class that contains useful tools for our programs.
  • out is short for “output”.
  • println is short for “print line”.

We can use System.out.println() whenever we want the program to create a new line on the screen after outputting a value:

System.out.println("Hello World"); System.out.println("Today is a great day to code!");

After "Hello World" is printed, the output terminal creates a new line for the next statement to be outputted. This program will print each statement on a new line like so:

Hello World Today is a great day to code!

We also can output information using System.out.print(). Notice that we’re using print(), not println(). Unlike System.out.println(), this type of print statement outputs everything on the same line. For example:

System.out.print("Hello "); System.out.print("World");

The above code will have the following output:

Hello World

In this example, if you were to use print() or println() again, the new text will print immediately after World on the same line. It’s important to remember where you left your program’s “cursor”. If you use println() the cursor is moved to the next line. If you use print() the cursor stays on the same line.

Note: Going forward after this exercise, all exercises will use System.out.println() to output values. You will get to practice using System.out.print() statements in the Checkpoints below, however.



Inside main() and underneath the print statement System.out.println("Let's play hide and seek.");, output the following two statements using System.out.print():

  • "Three..."
  • "Two..."

Underneath your previous statements, output the following two text values using System.out.println():

  • "One..."
  • "Ready or not, here I come!"

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