So how would we validate our paycheck to see if we got paid the right amount?

We can use another relational operator to do this. == will tell us if two variables are equal:

double paycheckAmount = 620; double calculatedPaycheck = 15.50 * 40; System.out.print(paycheckAmount == calculatedPaycheck); // This will print true, since paycheckAmount equals calculatedPaycheck

Notice that the equality check is two equal signs, instead of one. One equal sign, =, is how we assign values to variables! It’s easy to mix these up, so make sure to check your code for the right number of equal signs.

To check if two variables are not equal, we can use !=:

double balance = 20000.0; double amountToDeposit = 620; double updatedBalance = balance + amountToDeposit; boolean balanceHasChanged = balance != updatedBalance; // balanceHasChanged holds true, since balance does not equal updatedBalance



You have unearthed two unlabeled albums, record A and record B.

To see if these are the same album, you’re going to compare the number of songs on each one, and the total length of the albums.

First, create a variable called sameNumberOfSongs that stores whether the two albums have the same number of songs.


Now, create a variable called differentLength that stores the result of checking whether the two album lengths are not the same.

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