How could we make sure we got paid at least the amount we expected in our paycheck? We could use greater than or equal to, >=, or less than or equal to, <=!

double paycheckAmount = 620; double calculatedPaycheck = 15.50 * 40; System.out.println(paycheckAmount >= calculatedPaycheck); //this will print true, since paycheckAmount equals calculatedPaycheck



You have been trying to complete a 30 day challenge to drink enough water per day.

Create a double variable called totalRecommendedAmount and set it to the product of the recommended water intake (recommendedWaterIntake) and the amount of days in the challenge (daysInChallenge).


Create a boolean variable called isChallengeComplete and set it to the result of checking if your intake, yourWaterIntake, is at least as much as the totalRecommendedAmount.

Then, print the isChallengeComplete variable.

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