Now, we’re withdrawing money from our bank account program, and we want to see if we’re withdrawing less money than what we have available.

Java has relational operators for numeric datatypes that make boolean comparisons. These include less than (<) and greater than (>), which help us solve our withdrawal problem.

double balance = 20000.01; double amountToWithdraw = 5000.01; System.out.print(amountToWithdraw < balance); //this will print true, since amountToWithdraw is less than balance

You can save the result of a comparison as a boolean, which you learned about in the last lesson.

double myBalance = 200.05; double costOfBuyingNewLaptop = 1000.05; boolean canBuyLaptop = myBalance > costOfBuyingNewLaptop; //canBuyLaptop is false, since 200.05 is not more than 1000.05



Print the expression that checks if the amount of credits you have earned, creditsEarned, is greater than the number of credits you need to graduate, creditsToGraduate.


Create a variable called creditsAfterSeminar that holds the amount of credits earned after taking a seminar, which is worth creditsOfSeminar credits. creditsAfterSeminar should be the sum of creditsEarned and creditsOfSeminar.

Print out whether creditsToGraduate is less than creditsAfterSeminar.

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