If we baked 10 cookies and gave them out in batches of 3, how many would we have leftover after giving out all the full batches we could?

The modulo operator %, gives us the remainder after two numbers are divided.

int cookiesBaked = 10; int cookiesLeftover = 10 % 3; //cookiesLeftover holds 1

You have 1 cookie left after giving out all the batches of 3 you could!

Modulo can be a tricky concept, so let’s try another example.

Imagine we need to know whether a number is even or odd. An even number is divisible by 2.

Modulo can help! Dividing an even number by 2 will have a remainder of 0. Dividing an odd number by 2 will have a remainder of 1.

7 % 2 // 1, odd! 8 % 2 // 0, even! 9 % 2 // 1, odd!



You are trying to split up students into groups of 3. How many students will be left out once the groups are made?

Create a variable called leftOut that holds the modulo of students and 3. Then, print the variable!

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