What’s the use of having variables if you can’t do anything with them? We’ve now seen some ways you can operate on variables and compare them. The possibilities are endless!

We covered:

  • Addition and subtraction, using + and -
  • Multiplication and division, using * and /
  • The modulo operator for finding remainders, %
  • Compound assignment operators +=, -=, *=, /=, and %=.
  • The order of operations: parentheses -> exponents -> multiplication, division, modulo -> addition, subtraction
  • Greater than, >, and less than, <
  • Equal to, ==, and not equal to, !=
  • Greater than or equal to, >=, and less than or equal to, <=
  • equals() for comparing Strings and other objects
  • Using + to concatenate Strings
  • The final keyword which makes variables unchangeable

Practice some of these concepts here, to make sure you have a solid foundation for learning more complicated and exciting Java concepts!



To review, let’s try building some of the bank account functionality we talked about throughout the lesson.

First, create a new double variable called updatedBalance, and store balance with amountToWithdraw subtracted from it.


Now, you’ve decided to split your balance evenly 3 ways and give it to your three best friends.

Create a double variable called amountForEachFriend that holds your updated balance divided by 3.


Your friends each want to buy a concert ticket with the money you’ve given them. The tickets cost 250!

Create a boolean called canPurchaseTicket and set it equal to whether or not amountForEachFriend is at least enough to purchase a concert ticket.

Then, use System.out.println() to print canPurchaseTicket.


How much money did you give your friends, anyway?

Use + and System.out.println() to print out:

I gave each friend <amountForEachFriend>...

with the value of amountForEachFriend where <amountForEachFriend> is.

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