How to use APIs with JavaScript
Making a Request

You saw a request in the first exercise. Now it's time for you to make your own! (Don't worry, we'll help.)

On line 1, we've created the xhr variable, which stands for XML HTTP Request. This is how we make an HTTP request!

On line 2, we make the actual request to Codecademy.com.

We haven't sent our request, though, and we need to console.log both the xhr.status (that was that "200" from before) and the xhr.statusText (it should be "OK").

For that, we'll need your help!


On line 4, call the .send() method on xhr. This is what sends the request!

On lines 5 – 6, console.log the xhr.status and xhr.statusText attributes so we can see if Codecademy got our request okay.

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You'll just need a couple of lines of code. One to send the request:


And two to console.log() the response: