How to use APIs with JavaScript

All right! Let's see if you can make that request to codecademy.com all on your lonesome.


Go ahead and do three things:

  1. Create a variable called xhr and set it equal to new XMLHttpRequest().
  2. Call open xhr and pass it three arguments: "GET" (the type of request you'd like to make), "http://www.codecademy.com/" (the URL), and false (this means the exercise will wait until it gets a response from the server).
  3. Call .send() on xhr. We've already taken care of the console.log()s for you!
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To open the website, you'll just need

variable_name = new XMLHttpRequest();
variable_name.open("GET", "URL", false);

where variable_name is xhr and 'URL' is 'http://www.codecademy.com/'.