Code Your Own Adventure!
Old enough to play?

This will involve two pieces of code:

  1. First we will use prompt to ask a user for their age, like this:

    var age = prompt("What's your age");

    The variable age will hold the user's response.

  2. Then we will use an if/else statement based on the age of the user. Here's an outline of the code, similar to what we've seen before:

    if(age is less than 13) 
        // do this code
    else   // "otherwise"
        // do this code
  1. Under the existing code, declare a variable age.
  2. Make age equal to prompt("What's your age");. See the example above.
  3. Then write an if/else statement. If age is less than 13, use console.log to tell the user that they're allowed to play but you take no responsibility.
  4. Else, use console.log and give them an encouraging message to play on!
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Recall the syntax for if / else statements.

if (condition) {
    // code code code
} else {
    // code code code