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Learn JavaScript: Error Handling
Error Handling Review

Great job with handling errors!

In this lesson we went over:

  • How mistakes in programming leads to errors.
  • Why errors are useful for developers.
  • Errors will prevent a program from executing unless it is handled.
  • How to create an error using the Error() function.
  • How to throw an error object using the throw keyword.
  • How to use the try...catch statement to handle thrown errors.
  • Evaluating code in a try block to anticipate errors.
  • Catching the error in a catch block to allow our program to continue running.
  • Why the try...catch statement would be useful in a program.

Now you have the ability to create code that doesn’t break when an error is thrown!


If you want to challenge yourself:

  • Force different built-in error object to be thrown in a try...catch statement and see when the messages are different.
  • Test out what different data types you can throw.
  • Use try...catch for a function that accepts user input to allow errors to be thrown but your program to continue running.
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