You made it to the end of the lesson! High five. 🙌

Here is a review of the lesson:

  • The asset management system is where we can store textures, audio, and 3D model files inside <a-assets>.
  • <a-sky> for adding the sky or 360° image.
  • <a-plane> for adding the ground.
  • <a-light> for adding the lighting.
  • <a-sound> for adding the sound.
  • <a-text> for adding text.
  • <a-gltf-model> for adding 3D models.
  • animation component for adding animation.

And an in-browser tool called the inspector that move around objects. To open the inspector:

  • control + option + I (Mac)
  • ctrl + alt + I (Windows)


Play with the scene a bit more. Move on when you are ready!

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