A-Frame is a popular open-source web framework for building virtual reality experiences in the browser.

It is based on top of HTML, making it super easy to get started. But A-Frame doesn’t just produce a static visual 3D scene. The language’s core is a powerful entity-component framework that can be programmed extensively by three.js, a JavaScript library used to render 3D graphics.

It was originally developed by the Mozilla VR team in 2015 and it’s currently maintained by developers from Supermedium.

In this lesson, we will give a preview of A-Frame and then dive into the basics — HTML & Primitives.

Let’s get started!

Note: While you can get started with A-Frame without previous coding experience, we recommend taking the time to check out our Learn HTML and Learn JavaScript courses to understand more about what’s going on under the hood.


Take a look at some of the examples of A-Frame apps on the right.

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