Congratulations! You have built an entire B-Tree from scratch!

To review, we have implemented the following methods in BTree and BTreeNode classes:

  • split()
  • _is_leaf()
  • _is_full()
  • add_key()
  • add_child()
  • find_correct_child_node()
  • insert()
  • search()


Your fully functioning B-Tree code is in the code editor. Feel free to create your own B-Trees and practice using the methods.

For some guidance, here are some ways you can play around with the code:

btree = BTree(3) btree.insert(2) btree.insert(3) btree.insert(4) btree.insert(5) btree.insert(6) btree.insert(1) print(btree.root.keys) print(btree.root.children) print(btree.search(2))

Alternative way:

node1 = BTreeNode(5) node1.keys = [1, 4, 29] node2 = BTreeNode(5) node2.keys = [2,3] node3 = BTreeNode(5) node3.keys = [5,6] node1.children = [node2, node3] node4 = BTreeNode(5) node4.keys = [30] node1.add_child(node4)

Feel free to try out both of these code blocks and get creative. Happy coding!

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