Great job on making it this far in the lesson on Tries! This is a very powerful data structure with many applications in software engineering, computer science, and coding interviews!

Let’s summarize everything we went over:

  • A trie is a data structure that efficiently stores strings based on their prefix.
  • A trie is a tree-like data structure in which each node represents a character.
  • Each node’s child contains other nodes that represent subsequent characters in a string.
  • The Trie data structure we created supported the following functions:
    • Adding a word
    • Searching for a word
    • Counting a prefix
  • Each of these functions traverses the trie starting from the root and goes through the nodes corresponding to the characters in a string (prefix or word).
  • Relevant data is stored in the trie’s nodes.
  • A trie can be used as the base data structure for a spell checker.

Good work!

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