Congratulations! You now know how to successfully implement the Java Database Connectivity framework. This API provides you with a deep dive into the connection between the front and back ends of software engineering, now you’re truly a full-stack developer!

You’ll find that many of the popular and more robust data storage solutions are just as easy to use as SQLite with JDBC, and we encourage you to test your skills across many options. The conformance requirements to JDBC standards ensure all connections follow similar syntax and workflow!

Let’s go over a few of the key features you implemented throughout this lesson:

  • The five-layered structure of JDBC implementation
  • Downloading third-party JDBC drivers
  • Specifying multiple classpaths for our program to include at runtime
  • Building code in line with a design principle: MVVM and Data Access Objects
  • Verifying and Registering JDBC drivers with the DriverManager
  • Establishing a Connection to a database and managing the opening and closing of resources in a responsible way
  • Creating a Statement in JDBC to manage our SQL injections to the database
  • Converting Java data types to SQL and vice versa in order to save objects to a database and then retrieve them out of the same database
  • Creating a ResultSet from a SQL query and how to iterate through the rows and columns of the ResultSet

We truly only scraped the surface capabilities of the JDBC API, and we encourage you to expand your knowledge by diving into the documentation and practicing on your own time. Here is an example of where you can take your newfound skills and practice in your own programs:

Take a look at the Blob data type in SQL, which is a large binary object data type, essentially a stream of binary data. This powerful data type, when combined with your I/O skills from Learn Java and Serialization skills from Intermediate Java can be used to create a simple and powerful full-stack solution for applications with a small to medium-sized user base.


Feel free to play and edit your program in the editor. What other functionality would be helpful to add to our JDBC API?

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