We are now ready to connect our Lambda function to the interaction model we created in the Build Your First Alexa Skill course.

(These next steps require a “Codecademy” interaction model and an account on developer.amazon.com. If you don’t have those, the course linked above will show you how to set those up.)

In the Build Your First Alexa Skill course, you learned that the way to connect the Voice User Interface to the Lambda function is through the Amazon Resource Name (ARN). You may remember that we provided you with an ARN for a Lambda function we created for you. Now you can replace this number with your own ARN.

Copy the Lambda ARN

The ARN value for your Lambda function should appear on the top right corner. It starts with lowercase “arn”. Copy this entire string starting with the lowercase “arn”.

Paste the new ARN

  1. In the Alexa section on developer.amazon.com, find the skill we created in the first lesson, Codecademy, and click on it.
  2. Click on the Endpoint tab for the skill.
  3. Make sure AWS Lambda ARN is selected as the Service Endpoint Type.
  4. Delete the existing ARN from the Default text box, and paste the ARN for your Lambda function.
  5. Click Save Endpoints.

Nice work! Your skill is ready for testing.


Copy your ARN and paste it into your interaction model at developer.amazon.com.

Once connected, your skill will be able to handle requests like

Alexa, open code academy

Alexa, tell code academy to say hello

as you can see at the end of the video.

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