Congrats! You made your first Lambda function and you have the skills to publish your own! You can reference this course as you need, but please don’t use the “Codecademy” name or “code academy” invocation.

In review, you:

  • Created an AWS account
  • Customized a Lambda function with your name
  • Deployed a Lambda function using a Serverless Application Repository (SAR)
  • Copied and pasted code into the Lambda function
  • Connected your function and interaction model by copy-pasting the ARN into the Alexa Developer Console

We used the Alexa Developer Console (developer.amazon.com) to create an interaction model and the AWS Console (aws.amazon.com) to create the back-end Lambda function. If the interaction model and Lambda function are connected properly with an ARN, then you can test both using the Test Simulator in the Alexa Developer Console.


If you’re interested in learning more from the Alexa community or you have questions, you should check out the Amazon Alexa Developer Forums.

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