Create Lambda Function

If you haven’t created a Lambda function before, click the orange Get Started button near the center of your screen.

If you have created a Lambda function before, click the Create function button. It should be near the top of your screen.

Choose Serverless Application Repository

We will start by using a serverless application repository (SAR), which is a shortcut to getting everything set up for your skill, and includes the Node.js ASK SDK library automatically.

The Node Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) SDK from Amazon makes it faster and easier to build skills, and we will be using it throughout this course. We will dive deeper into the SDK a little later, but for now, know that we need to include the SDK in our Lambda function, and the SAR allows us to do that automatically.

  1. Type “Alexa” in the search/filter box, and hit enter.
  2. Choose the Application named alexa-skills-kit-nodejs-factskill.

Create Application Name

At the bottom of the next page under Configure application parameters, type in your skill’s name: “myCodecademySkill”.

Click Deploy.

On the next page, wait for the deployment process to finish. Once finished, click the link under alexaskillskitnodejsfactskill under Resource to access your skill.

Note: Though you named your function “myCodecademySkill”, the function name may appear as something else, like:


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