To start building a skill, click on the Create Skill button in the top right corner. This will bring you to the “Create a new Alexa Skill” wizard. We will walk through this wizard step by step.

Step 1: Skill Information

Follow the steps below to complete the Skill Information:

  1. Skill Name — The name of the skill as the Alexa skills store will display it. Name your skill Codecademy.
  2. Skill Model — While there are a few different models, including Flash Briefing, Smart Home, and Video, we will focus on the Custom Interaction Model in this course. Select the Custom Skill Model and click Create skill.

Step 2: Skill Template

You can use templates to get a predefined skill up and running. In this case we will start our skill from scratch.

  1. Choose a Template — Select Start from scratch or Fact Skill (whichever is available), then click Choose.

Step 3: Skill Builder

Once the skill is created, you will be taken to the Skill Builder.

  1. Interaction Model — In the menu to the left, under Interaction Model, click on Invocation.

  2. Skill Invocation Name — This is the name that users will say to launch the skill. As a general rule, you want the invocation name to be easy to pronounce, not too long, and at least two words. Here are some guidelines for choosing an invocation name. Because Codecademy is invalid, set the invocation name to {YOUR-FIRST-NAME} {LAST INITIAL}’s code academy — (In most cases, Alexa doesn’t allow one-word invocation names). Here’s an example of an invocation name, using the invocation name template above: Aubrey W’s code academy

  3. Click on Save Model.


The video to the right walks you through the steps required to get started with Alexa Skill development.

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